How Much Are you Going To Spend On Your Marketing Before You Quit..
 .... a loved one said to me (ouch)

 Are you looking to reduce ad spend in 2022?

Hi, my name in Paul Murphy and I  actually spent three of the last four years online nearly broke due to rarely getting a winner with Facebook or Google ads, and with affiliate marketing it seemed even harder.

Then I started to notice that YouTube videos started randomly showing up on the front page of Google (at the top, among the ads). I really wanted a piece of this!

I invested in some courses & consultants and spoke to some top Gurus and no-one had a definitive answer as to why some videos were ranking and others no-where to be seen. So I set myself an impossible task (I like impossible tasks lol) to rank any video from my tiny YouTube channel (Passive income Ladder) on the front page of Google, and to do it fast.

I have to be honest I spent some time in the trenches (hence the three out of fours years nearly broke). I tried SEO (forget it unless I wanted to wait six months). And with Ads, I needed to spend a fortune testing and hiring agencies before I saw any of the profits.

Google owns Youtube, this I knew already, and I also knew they would want to rank my videos as long as I gave them what they wanted. I even spoke to my ad manager at Google who confirmed my thinking. He said they really just want to keep people on their platforms showing them their ads, should be a win-win with YouTube, but how?

I ran a bunch of experiments and then some amazing things started happening.

I started ranking for literally everything I posted, initially it took some time but then soon after I was ranking within 24 hours for nearly every video, for any product. WOW!

I didn't need much traffic to make good money as it is all 100% targeted (and of course free).

I also started getting over 50% conversion (unheard of) and even outselling the vendors who were paying a fortune on ads.

I built a free email list of over 10k in eight months. (yep free)

Five months ago I broke the $1 million a year pure profit mark using only free traffic. (and with no product of my own, all from affiliate marketing promoting products like Kartra)

I didn't have to test out Facebook ads with my own cash. I could spend a small fraction of the profits and if it's a winner I scale if not I turn off and lose nothing.

I also season my Facebook pixel for free so can give Facebook all the data it needs (for free) to find me buyers.

This is the funnel I use and my stats from today, it's ridiculously simple but it ensures I get traffic back to my videos and then they rank higher and higher and after a few weeks when I post up new vids they often rank in under 24 hours.

Want to copy my 24 hour ranking system?
You can use the blueprint below.

1. Set up a free YouTube channel around a niche and choose an affiliate product that you already use and are passionate about that will generate LTV of $80 or more. (if you have your own product use that).

2. Look for searched for traffic (Keywords Everywhere is a good free Google plugin)

3. Create good hooks and good thumbnails for your YouTube vids. (Canva is a good free tool)

4. Have a relevant bonus if selling affiliate products (so they don't leave).

5. Set up a funnel which sends them to your vids each day which helps the vids rank. (YouTube loves this, as you are sending them traffic)

6. Create ten 3-10 min videos of you offering value talking about your product (no sales) if you are camera shy choose a niche that you can post up slides and music (pets, ecommerce, hobbies etc). Place your link to your funnel (including your bonus) above the fold in each vid.

7. Title and tag vids correctly (ton of vids on YouTube show you this)

8. Rinse and repeat with each product.

How To Work With Paul Murphy?

Not for everyone! However, If you would like to find out more I have prepared some free training for you. Rather than pictures of me next to a Lamborghini you will see my strategy, my earnings, my rankings and real case studies of how this is changing lives.

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